Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Reply to Reuter’s article and Mr. Lange…

For the first time that I can remember, I am completely blown away by an article on and not in a good way.  Typically, I prefer Reuters as a news source over the likes of the typical liberal Main Stream Media (MSM) news sites or for that matter the conservative sites like Fox, Independent Journal Review, or Red State.  The article, “Analysis: Little evidence yet that Obamacare costing full-time jobs” found  seems to be completely over the top “follow along” with what the administration reporting.

I know that last statement is a little harsh but let us face the facts it is true.  

Being a small business owner myself, talking with other small and medium sized business owners, along with following multiple news sites from both sides of the fence, I find that the author of the article really looked at more than a press release from White House Council of Economic Advisers and the liberal supporting Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.  I am not in any way a properly trained journalist, but I know how to use Google and how to read, so shall we see what we can find?

With a few keystrokes into Google, we can find that there are lists and lists of companies that have publically announced changes in their benefit policies, reducing work force, or is changing their hiring practices based solely on the new healthcare law.

Living in Georgia, I will start with two locally headquartered Fortune 500 companies that has been in the news here, as well as on most national news networks.  First up, Home Depot, on September 19, 2013, Bloomberg reported that the world’s largest home improvement retailer was changing their benefits program, effectively shutting off the health insurance program and shuffling 20,000 workers off onto the Obamacare platform.  The second Fortune 500 company, is of course UPS, one of the world’s largest logistic companies announced on August 21, 2013, that they will be removing 15,000 white collar worker’s spouses from their healthcare plans provided the spouse can get insurance elsewhere, according to a news article. 

Let me see, unlike the fuzzy math often found in DC, I think just these two companies equate to 35,000 affected Americans.  Am I right?  Let’s see: 15,000 plus 20,000 is 35,000.  Amazing, that is more than the number of successful enrollments on the Obamacare web site since the launch of the website filled with “kinks.”  Maybe the 30,000 were all from UPS or Home Depot?

Now typing in a few most search terms, I find that among the growing list of companies directly affected by Obamacare, we have Darden Restaurants, the parent company of such chains as Red Lobster and Olive Garden.  The Orlando Sentinel reported on October 21, 2013, that the due to the changes in healthcare laws, aka Obamacare, the 1,000 workers that Darden Restaurants had previously provided healthcare to even though the workers were part time employees, the company would no longer be allowed to, and thus another 1,000 American’s would be forced to find their own insurance. Also, we can find with an additional search, John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s has made several public statements that Obamacare will cost consumers as his franchisees are forced to provide health insurance or face fines.  Finally, one more quick search on Google, and I find another outspoken CEO against the Affordable Healthcare Act has been Whole Food CEO John Mackey, who actually compared Obamacare to “fascism.”

So with just a little bit of Google searching and having the ability to read and think independently on my own, shows the complete opposite of what the author of the Reuters article is claiming.  Truly, I wonder which one of us is right?  I would like challenge the author of the Reuters article to do a little research on his own.  I am sure that the CEO’s that I mentioned would take a press call from him, after all he does work for Reuters, where as if I called them, I wouldn’t get past the gatekeeper.  Up for the challenge, Mr. Lange? 

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