Thursday, October 24, 2013

A challenge to all 8th District of Ohio Republican candidates

I had this crazy idea yesterday. One that would take a lot of my time, but in my opinion be worth it. I want to support all of the Republican candidates running against John Boehner by offering them a way to get their message out, free of charge, through an online debate. Why? Well, to be honest, for me, the eighth district of Ohio political arena is one of great interest, simply for three reasons. First, I grew up in the eighth district. Second, I still have family and friends who still live in that district. Last but definitely not least, there is a very high possibility of seeing John Boehner voted out of office next year and kicked to the curb. This next election could be a knockdown, drag-out fight for John Boehner, because there are already four republican candidates who have already completed the legal legwork and have announced that they are running. I mean, seriously, we are still two months away from 2014 even starting and these candidates are doing meet and greets, shaking hands, and kissing babies.

Therefore, I think it is my responsibility to help provide the citizens of the eighth district of Ohio with a way to get to know their candidates. Since they already know John Boehner and he has his massive campaign trunk overflowing with donations, I am not inviting him to the party. My idea for an online debate is just for the underdogs. The four non-multi-millionaires, who are just common hardworking blue and or white collar Americans. They are just four different men who appear extremely fed up with Washington politics, their representative, and are now going, if he cannot represent the voters—I will!

As a result, last night I sat down and wrote the ground rules for the debate, which I am providing below in this article. I also started reaching out to each candidate through Twitter, asking them to respond to a request for debate— I will also reach out to them via Facebook, email, and if their websites have a phone number, I will call them directly. Amazingly, I immediately got a response from Matthew Trisler, so all I need is for one more of the candidates to say yes, and this debate will go up in a few days.

Now, I need to say a few things on a personal level. I want to do this because I think John Boehner has let down all American citizens on multiple occasions. This will be excellent marketing exposure for all the underdog candidates. It will provide the readers with a chance to get to know their options on Election Day. In addition, it is something that other media outlets have not yet offered to provide to their consumers. Finally, I need to say this as well, if I do not hear a response from any of the other three candidates, I will throw all of the weight of my social media skills into supporting the one that replied a yes. Why? For the very fact that he is willing to answer six to ten questions that I think people of the eighth district of Ohio want to hear about.

Here are the ground rules and introduction to the debate:

The reason that I am holding these interviews with you and your fellow competitors for the 8th district congress seat is that I feel it is vitally important that the voters of the 8th district of Ohio get all the opportunities possible to hear from the Republican candidates running against John Boehner.
Here are the ground rules for this online debate.

  1. All questions listed below are the same for all candidates who are willing to respond.
  2. There will be a two-day response time limit if you agree to do this interview/online debate. The reason for only a two-day response time is in a natural live debate you would be responding instantaneously to the other candidate’s responses. It is understood, that all of you are extremely busy and thus instead of a shorter time frame such as 24 hours, two-days was chosen.
  3. Please fill out your response to every question asked.
    1. Lack of a response will automatically have – Candidate refused to answer question.
    2. You are responsible for all grammar and spelling – you answers will not be corrected or edited in any way, so please have a proof-reader look at your responses and make sure Word has spelling and grammar check turned on.
  4. Once everyone has returned their responses, the answers will be compiled into one document. At which time, the document will be sent back out to each candidate. At that time, you will have the opportunity to respond to any comments from the other candidates.
    1. If you do not have a response to another candidate – it will be noted in the final draft: Candidate 1 did not have any follow on statement for Candidate 2.
    2. If you do not meet the deadline for returning the responses – it will be noted in the final draft: Candidate 1 did not have any follow on statements for Candidate 2. In addition, you will not have the opportunity to further comment in the debate for any other questions. It is vital that we keep a schedule for this debate, so please respond in the required time format.
  5. Once the second round of responses have been received, the answers will be compiled into one document again. At which time, the document will be sent out for a final time. This time, you will only respond directly to any comment by another Candidate directly to you. An example the debate format will be as follows:
    1. Question 1: What do you think of … 
    2. Candidate 1: I believe that…
    3. Candidate 2’s response to Candidate 1: While Candidate 1 thinks… …I believe that….
    4. Candidate 3’s response to Candidate 1: Candidate 1 is completely wrong in his thoughts and this is why… Now, I believe…. 
    5. Candidate 1’s response to Candidate 2: Unfortunately, Candidate 2’s thoughts about how to handle…. 
    6. Candidate 1’s response to Candidate 3: Candidate 3’s plan has some merit, especially with… unfortunately, though….

‘Once the document has been completed – I will send each of you a copy in PDF for your own press releases and websites. I will also be posting this on several blogs and zines on the internet. Again, I want to thank you for your commitment to our country you are willing to make to better our government. I wish you all the best of luck and again thank you for your time.

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